I am currently making quite occasional activity. Most of the time, I listen to many, but I speak to a few.
When I am at home or traveling by car, however, I often monitor a set of frequencies for local and regional operations in VHF and UHF by the use of a Intek HR-2040 (car) or Polmar DB-50M (home) transceiver scanning in loop over their memories. The frequencies I monitor are reported below with a short description.


  • 145,425.0 Local monitor western Belluno Valley
  • 145,500.0 Call frequency for mobile stations
  • 145,525.0 Local monitor eastern Belluno Valley
  • 145,550.0 Local monitor Cadore
  • 145,587.5 Repeater Marmolada (BL), Echolink node #566741
  • 145,737.5 Repeater Monte Agaro (TN)
  • 145,787.5 Repeater Monte Rite (BL)


  • 430,162.5 Repeater Col Visentin (TV)
  • 430,187.5 Repeater Monte Faverghera (BL)
  • 433,500.0 Call frequency for mobile stations

Because of contingent occurrences like sporadic electrical noises or disturbances from my neighbors switching power supply units or dsl routers, I sometimes skip temporarily some specific frequency from scanning, so I do not pledge to be listening to all the frequencies listed above.
However if you need to contact me, please try Echolink using the Echolink node #566741 Marmolada.