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Here is the Word Cloud of this website, updated on 2014-05-16, before generating this page. Please enjoy it.

Word Cloud IZ3ZVO website, updated 2014-05-16

My texts reveal some “transceiver” and “repeater” fetishism. Unlike most ham websites I am not gargling with “ham”, “amateur”, “ham radio” and “radio amateur” all the time. This suggests that radio amateurship is not strongly rooted in my personal and social identity. It seems also that I am not inclined to proclaim “values”, “norms”, “rules”, “ethics”, “moral legacy”  etcetera or “true radio amateurs” (the latter compared to others than me), other typical ham radio websites contents. The words I use suggest also that I do not invest too much my self-esteem in “confirmed countries”, “dx”, “power”, and all the performance-related stuff that several radio amateurs often idolize.